About Luxury Desert Camping

The luxury desert camping experience contains all what is needed to serve an authentically charming experience for our guests. The tents are set up in a traditional form, resembling the ones that are being used by the Berber nomads of the area. Desert camping allows you to immerse yourself into their way of life, and thus give you a sense of authenticity and simplicity.

Bedroom Tents

Currently we have 10 “bedroom” tents. Each tent is made of camel’s leather from the outside, while inside is covered with the finest fabric, and furnished with the most stunning locally made carpets. There is an overall number of 50 beds in camp zagora, 30 are single beds and 20 are double beds. All the beds are delicately placed inside each of the tents along with towels and some little accessories to complete your luxury desert camping experience.

The Restaurant

In addition to the luxurious bedroom tents, there is a spacious restaurant tent where breakfast and dinner are served. The restaurant offers about 5 tables which are ideal for more than 20 people. However, in some occasions, we offer an open-air restaurant in the desert camp yard, to enable you enjoy your meal amid the breeze of the desert. This option is recommended for breakfast.

Traditional Dinner Menu: Main course for dinner is Moroccan Tagine in addition to fresh desserts, fruits and Moroccan salads. Upon request, we can prepare a special menu for vegetarians or for people on a special diet.

Traditional Breakfast Menu: usually, a breakfast buffet is prepared, including hot beverages such as green tea, coffee, and milk.

The yard

in the middle of the camp is often transformed at night into an entertainment platform, featuring Berber songs and drums being played by the talented employees of the camp. Electric lamps illuminate each tent and provide enough light to the camp. A self-operating battery produces electricity and distributes it to the lamp network around the camp.


Although the camp is not linked to the water system from the town of Zagora, we provide you with running water in shared bathrooms and toilets. The water supply comes from large tanks that are placed by the bathrooms and toilets. You can also expect basic toiletry, including towels, tissues, and mirrors.

As you can see we are well equipped to provide you with a luxury desert camping experience. What are you waiting for? Start packing!