Perhaps one of the most important days among the inhabitants of Zagora, the Souk day, or market day, whereby villagers and local residents of Zagora go shopping for the goods necessary in the daily requirements of living. The Souk is considered a weekly festival and meeting point for people in large, who not only buy things, but also share news, chat and find it an opportunity to invite acquaintances for family ceremonies.

Apart from the trade and shopping purpose of the Souk, the market displays the most updated art crafts products, agricultural crops, and the flavor of spices. You will be able to experience the way locals buy and sell goods in an atmosphere of shouting and bargaining. Merchants display their fresh products spontaneously by the passage ways so that they gain attention by prospective shoppers.

Among the local products of Zagora one would find a variety of traditional pottery and reed exploited blends. Merchants show their skills regarding the design of pots, plates and other tools that people need in everyday home necessities.

Sundays and Wednesdays are commonly known as Souk Days for Zagora, so watch your calendar and make sure you come on the right days. One of our dedicated staff will guide you through.

Tamegroute is a little town located about 20 kms South Zagora. The place is of a great historical value, a spiritual hub and home of the authentic pottery products of the region.

The historical aspect of Tamegroute lies in its Zaoua Naciria (shrine) that is visited by dozens of patients for mental purification. The Zaouia plays also an educational role with hundreds of books and manuscripts that are stored in its library. Students and patients come from around Morocco to gain knowledge about literature, arts and faith that Tamegroute had been offering since the Assaadyin dynasty.

Besides education and faith, Tamegroute is proud to be the regional hub for pottery and fabrics. Tents of open workshops are run by locals to produce the most splendid pottery and fabrics of the area. Green is the major color being used for painting the items.

The scenery of the sunset and sunrise brings people from every corner of the globe because they want to experience it. In Zagora, the sunset/sunrise offers a unique image where the red ray of the sun is reflected on the golden sands and Rocky Mountains which produces a natural piece of art.

While camel trekking towards Camp Zagora, you will experience the sunset. It enables you to enjoy the moment as if you were shooting a movie or in a dream. At dawn, the camp staff will gently wake you up to observe the sunrise that looks just as marvelous as sunset. Almost no difference, you judge!

The Sahara desert is a vast stretch of sands, Hamada (spacious land of no trees and sands) as well as oasis here and there. In order to best explore the wonders of the desert, you might need to try hiking. This activity requires special sportswear, including light shoes, cap or turban for protection and water.

We encourage consultation with us if you are interested in this activity to make sure that you’ve chosen the best route in the most convenient possible way. Departure and return points are arranged on your own choice; however you can consult with us for advice about anything associated with hiking like recommended routes, distance, supplies, and equipment to take.