camel-trek-berberIn a terrain of wilderness and peace, one way to explore the unique characteristics of the desert is the camel trekking tour. You will experience this activity in all of our tour packages. It will be how you arrive to Camp Zagora. No matter how many people in your group, the locally known “dromedaries” will be waiting for you to assist and begin a lifetime journey across the marvelous desert outskirts of Zagora by way of a camel trekking tour.

camel-trek-4x4The camels will be available on your arrival to Zagora, the 4x4 driver will drop you off by the Draa Valley to take some rest and then the camel guide prepares the camels to make sure that they are ready for the trip. Each person rides on one camel. In some cases an adult traveler may be accompanied with a little child on one camel due to safety reasons.

The camel trekking tour starts from a meeting point on the outskirts of Zagora, and takes approximately 1 hour and half during sunset time until arrival to the camp. The return trip will be made after breakfast of the following day.