What is the temperature like at night in the camp?

Guests to Zagora Camp will expect an average temperature of 20 degrees Celsius at night. This is applicable to summer time also. However, it is difficult to predict the exact temperature due to weather upheavals. In any circumstances, we recommend you to bring softly-warm clothes.

I am vegetarian; Can I order a special menu?

The camp cook prepares special dishes for vegetarians. If you are within this category, we advise informing us in advance to fulfill your request. People on a special diet can also consult with us, so that you can enjoy your meals.

Are cold beverages available in the camp?

Cold beverages are exclusively available in Camp Zagora. Except for Alcoholic drinks, we offer fresh soft drinks including soda and mineral water. Please ask the Camp’s waiter for your order.

Important: Beverages are not included into your accommodation cost.

Is there any activity after dinner?

In order to make your night luxurious! There is always a special show after dinner. The staffs of our Camp are gifted in performing local music. You will enjoy pieces of folkloric music using drums. Besides attempting to sing, you might need to dance as a local too!

I don’t wish to ride a camel in order to get to the camp, would it be possible drive my car?

Yes this is possible, but the car must be  4WD. The camp is situated not far from the main road. You’ll arrive at the camp in about 15 mins by 4×4 from the main road. Please inform us if you need a guide to help you find the camp.