Aside from our Zagora location, are a variety of alternative options. The destination to the Sahara Desert, where a person feels less busy and less anxious, but more open minded and allows themselves to enjoy the views. Occasionally, you will see a few inhabitants whom are labeled Nomads living in tents, and working as camel and goat shepherds. All the while, you can retreat into your luxury desert camping experience.

We very much appreciate the combination between the nomadic pattern of life in Zagora. Therefore, we wanted to merge the two features to offer you a unique image of Nomadic civilization by camping in morocco and camel trekking tours through a stylish and comfortable accommodation that we call luxury desert camping.

We welcome you to experience camping in Morocco! Away from the industry and modern aspects of life, Youssef and his family came to fulfill the strong desires of millions of desert-goers by setting up a luxury desert camping experience. We are located in the heart of the desert atmosphere and situated 10 kms from the town of Zagora, in the South of Morocco.

The luxury desert camping experience, “Camp Zagora” consists of a chain of tents arranged in a circle with a courtyard in the middle. The tents serve as your respective rooms for your accommodation. We strive to give you the best luxury desert camping experience!

So pack your stuff, and open your mind and heart for a lifetime journey by camping in Morocco and camel trekking!

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